Save Lives Today! Become an Animal Advocate!

Save Lives Today! Become an Animal Advocate!

This summer, In Defense of Animals has a special gift for you! In addition to the wonderful Animal Advocates welcome package, you will receive a limited-edition Animal Advocates t-shirt for making a $25 monthly gift as long as you enroll by August 21.

"At Hope Animal Sanctuary, every animal must have vaccines and medications required to keep them healthy. Many dogs and cats that we take are either injured or ill and require extensive medical care in addition to the normal vaccines. At least 75% of adult dogs who we take in are heartworm positive and require expensive treatment from a veterinarian to cure this deadly disease.”  -Operations Manager Sharon Stone

Join our monthly giving program Animal Advocates and help us achieve victories for animals every day--all year long!

In Defense of Animals has been fighting and advocating for animal rights since 1983. Every day we seize the opportunity to improve our advocacy efforts, maximize our rescues, and grow stronger as an organization. We would not be able to accomplish these goals without our dedicated monthly supporters by our side!

Join the Animal Advocates program today, and both you and the animals will benefit––that is our promise.

As an Animal Advocate you will reap many benefits: 

Limited-edition Animal Advocates t-shirt.

25% off of all merchandise in our store.

Automatic subscription to our quarterly newsletter.

Regular updates about the lifesaving and life-changing impact of your generosity via mail and email.

And, of course, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your support is being put to the most effective use to help the animals each and every day of the year.

By joining our Monthly Giving Program, you will be an Animal Advocate all year long! The process is extremely simple, and you may cancel at any time; it is designed to benefit both you and the animals!


Join Animal Advocates!