Take Your Support to the Next Level - for Animals!

Take Your Support to the Next Level - for Animals!

For as little as $5/month, you can make a difference in the life of a starving dog whose survival depends on a bowl of kibble and medical attention at our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi.

Join forces with us today to ensure more lives will be saved.

Your monthly or quarterly contribution will go on to fund our mission across the world. Yes, the world. In Defense of Animals has boots on the ground in South Korea, India, and Mississippi to rescue and protect animals who have been abandoned, abused, and exploited.

We hope you will join the Animal Advocates team this year.  You will receive a special, limited-edition Animal Advocates enamel pin as a special gift from the In Defense of Animals team.

And be ready to receive updates from In Defense of Animals' President Marilyn Kroplick M.D. - every quarter, Marilyn works with all of our talented campaigners to produce a newsletter that informs our dedicated Animal Advocates of all the work they have helped us to accomplish.

Thank you for your consideration to join hundreds of other Animal Advocates this year. ANIMAL ADVOCATES make a difference. ANIMAL ADVOCATES support In Defense of Animals' mission each month. ANIMAL ADVOCATES make sure the voices of animals are heard!

We look forward to connecting with you! Please call us at 415-448-0048 or email us directly if you have any questions about the monthly giving program, Animal Advocates.

And thank you for all your compassion. The animals need more people like you!


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