Dog Dumped at Dump Has Happy New Life

Dog Dumped at Dump Has Happy New Life

In November of 2016, the manager at the Montgomery County Road Maintenance office called to report that two dogs had been dumped. Adjacent to the Road Maintenance Office is the county dump, a known dumping ground for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. There, uncaring guardians dump animals at an astounding rate.

The call was made to Sharon Stone, Operations Manager for our Hope Animal Sanctuary. She was happy to receive the call. Luckily, the good people at the Road Maintenance office do care, and when the animals find their way to their shop and office, they provide food and shelter.  Hope Animal Sanctuary staff has been called upon many times to rescue unwanted animals from this location.

This particular day, two beautiful Catahoula teenage dogs had been dumped, and left to fend for themselves. Despite both being emaciated, both the male and the female still love humans. Back at the sanctuary they were given necessary medications and vaccinations along with a lot of TLC. In a few months they were ready for their forever homes.  

The guardian of the female dog, now named Claire, wrote:

“I wanted to update you that she is doing awesome. She is my best friend and hiking companion. She lives with 2 kids, [and] 2 cats on 10 acres. We go everywhere together. She has hiked 15 4000-foot mountains with me. We just love her. Once dumped at the dump, you rescued her and her brother. Now she couldn't be more loved. I can't thank you enough for your work.”

This happy ending was made possible because you cared when their original “guardians” did not. Please donate and help us write a happy ending for other animals in need.

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