Apollo Recovers After Being Dumped Alone at Night

Apollo Recovers After Being Dumped Alone at Night

One cold morning a couple months ago,  In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary staff arrived at the sanctuary to find a very thin dog waiting for them at the gate. Apparently, his uncaring guardians dumped him during the night, not caring that he would have to sleep on the cold, wet ground.  With almost no body fat, this poor guy had no protection from the cold weather.

Even though he was thin and hungry, he was so sweet and ever so happy to find people who actually cared about him. His nails were overgrown which is generally an indication of a life wasted away on a chain. We named this fine boy Apollo, and gave him a warm room where he could begin to recover and gain weight.

Apollo left us recently and headed to a home of his very own in Maine and although we miss him, we are thrilled that he is living with guardians who are giving him the life he deserves.

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