Drunk Driver Finally Sentenced for Mowing Down Mini Horses

Drunk Driver Finally Sentenced for Mowing Down Mini Horses

What ever happened to the drunk driver responsible for mowing down two mini horses? Over a year and a half after tragically killing Scout and Big Red, Ronald O. Rennert of Oakland, California has finally been sentenced. On the night of April 15, 2017, Rennert plowed over two mini horses and left them to suffer and die in their corral as he fled the scene in Penngrove, California. Rennert was arrested and prosecuted for DUI and hit-and-run, both misdemeanor charges.

On June 2, 2017, our Justice for Animals Campaign enlisted your help to urge the Sonoma County Deputy District Attorney Scott Uemura to prosecute Rennert to the fullest extent of the law. Although he caused the senseless deaths of Juanita Carrillo’s beloved companions, the District Attorney was not able to prosecute Rennert for felony animal cruelty because intent to cause harm or death could not be established.

As it stands today, California law does not establish cause for prosecution for animal cruelty when a person’s criminal actions unintentionally cause the suffering or death of an animal. If Rennert had killed a human during his drunken rampage he would have been prosecuted for manslaughter; the senseless killing of all sentient beings should be punished with the same severity.

Superior Court Judge Julie Conger, notorious for her extremely lenient sentencing of drunk driving charges, sentenced Rennert to up to 150 days in Sonoma County Jail, comprised of ninety days of jail time, forty-five days if he displayed “good behavior”, and sixty days in jail or on work release.

Rennert’s sentence also includes four years of probation abstaining from drinking and $7,825 restitution to the horses' guardian. He was ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet during his first 30 days of probation and is subject to testing for alcohol consumption. Rennert completed a private chemical dependency program on his own and reported volunteering for “Angels for Minis,” a non-profit mini horse advocacy.

There was little satisfaction in Rennert’s sentence for the mini-horses’ guardian. No punishment can reconcile the pain and suffering, nor bring the animals back. Please donate now to support our Justice for Animals campaign to fight for fitting sentences for crimes against animals.