VIDEO: "Ring Dog" Saved After Years of Torment 

VIDEO: "Ring Dog" Saved After Years of Torment 

The lives of dogs and cats who are forced to survive on the streets of India are undeniably difficult. Although volunteers and community members do all they can to help, the sheer number of animals in need causes some to be overlooked. This is how the plight of “the ring dog” carried on for years... until IDA India stepped in.

Before our staff discovered her, “the ring dog” was living on the streets with a large, heavy discarded equipment ring made of metal weighing around her neck for two long years. We lifted her into an ambulance for her safety and got to work on the tight ring that had tormented her for so long. She was so scared and she whined the whole time. It didn’t look like she would ever come free from its toxic grip. But, little by little, we carefully wriggled the ring until one ear was extracted… then the next. Suddenly she was finally free!


After we successfully removed the ring, we brought this lucky dog to our location  in Lonavala outside of Mumbaiin so that we could treat her other ailments.

Thanks to your support, we were able to save her from living any more of her life in misery. Please donate today so we can continue our life-saving work.