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The Interfaith Vegan Coalition is composed of 49 member organizations, 6 allied organizations, and one partner organization Animal Interfaith Alliance comprising 17 organizations, all working in harmony for a common cause. Together, we help spiritual, ethical, and religious communities to practice the vegan values of nonviolence, loving-kindness, and harmlessness toward all animals.

We welcome individuals and organizations from diverse religions, ethical, and wisdom traditions. There are no fees to join the coalition, simply contact us. See member benefits below. Once we hear from you, we will send the meeting details. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up to date on our events and projects. 

All coalition partners and member organizations have signed the Interfaith Vegan Coalition Declaration:

We, the members of the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, do hereby declare that humanity has caused severe destruction to people, animals, and the earth. We believe there is still time to heal the damage and liberate all animals and the earth from human violence if human beings can awaken to our true nature. We recognize that all beings, regardless of species, value their lives, families, and friends. They want to live and be free from human domination and violence. As spiritual people who seek to align our values of loving-kindness and nonviolence with our actions, we declare that we will do our part each day to create a vegan world of compassion, respect, and liberation for all beings. 

Individual Member Benefits:

  1. Newsletter: Once you sign-up, you will receive our newsletter every other month with coalition updates, events, articles, and quotes. 
  2. Monthly Online Planning Meetings: You're welcome to join our working meetings to discuss current projects, events, and brainstorm new ideas. Meetings take place on the 2nd Monday of each month at 4 pm Pacific Time. Contact us for the meeting details. 
  3. Religion-Specific Vegan Advocacy Kits: We have developed vegan advocacy kits for many different religions. Contact us to create a kit for a religion or ethical tradition that is not yet represented.
  4. Vegan Adocacy Brochures: You can download or order brochures on the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, 10 Steps to Bring Vegan Values to Your Place of Worship, From Vegetarian to Vegan, and Vegan Spirituality. 

Partner/Member Benefits: 

  1. All of the above individual benefits (#1 - 4) plus the additional benefits for organizations below.
  2. Quarterly Partner/Member Organization Online Meetings: We highly encourage coalition parters and member organizations to join these key meetings to share your projects and receive coalition support. We determine coalition initiatives, share expertise, and arrange promotional assistance to amplify your work. Meetings occur at 10 am Pacific Time on the 4th Monday of January, April, July, and October. We send the meeting details to partner/member organizations via email.
  3. Coalition Advocacy: Your organizaton can sign coalition letters/alerts, submit joint media releases, and join coalition initiatives to spread the vegan message of compassion for all beings. We invite partner/member organizations to join these efforts via email. 

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Interfaith Vegan Coalition Allies and Affiliations are groups that advocate for our animal cousins but have not signed the Interfaith Vegan Declaration because all of their members are not vegan. We invite our Allies and Affiliations to attend our meetings, receive our newsletter, and collaborate with us on various projects. We also offer our resources and support to assist with their campaigns.


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