Stop Elementary School Program of Hatching & Discarding Baby Chickens

Stop Elementary School Program of Hatching & Discarding Baby Chickens

Every year, teachers at Neil Cummins and Anthony G. Bacich Elementary Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area hatch eggs in their classrooms. These birds are born in incubators, deprived of their mothers, kept in inhumane conditions, and then dumped when the hatching project ends. We must stop these cruel "miracle of life" programs that in reality cause death to animals and desensitize children to animal suffering.

“The chicks could barely move, [they were] practically laying on top of each other, and their food and water containers were dumped over or mixed in with feces. Students were not allowed to bond naturally with the chicks, who were scared of humans. As the chicks outgrew these containers, they began pecking at each other until they bled.”

Carolina Debbie started speaking out for the victims of hatching projects after nine baby chicks were dumped at her residence by a parent from the Anthony G. Bacich Elementary School. She has witnessed hatching project chicks confined in small plastic containers while suffering in inhumane conditions. 

Students and parents are duped into believing that the chicks go on to live a “happy life,” but the sad truth is very different. After schools are done with the chicks, they are killed, sold in auctions as food for captive wild animals, or are left to die slowly of hunger and thirst as a result of ignorance and neglect.

Last school year, seven chicks ended up at a factory farm. Two baby chicks were dumped at the Marin Humane Society. One student brought an injured chick to Marin Humane Society who was bleeding profusely. When the teacher who orchestrated this cruel project brought the another chick to Marin Humane Society, she was explicitly told to stop hatching eggs.

Recklessly and without compassion, the teacher did not heed their warning and continued with the hatching project this year. Carolina enlisted In Defense of Animals to help rescue the animals, but our offers were rejected. The chicks were allegedly "taken to a farm," but we may never know what became of them.

Animals are suffering horribly for absolutely no justifiable reason whatsoever while parents and young children are being tricked. Hatching projects promote animal abuse by desensitizing children to animal suffering and treating animals as mere objects, who exist only for our whims.

School hatching projects also mislead children to animals’ basic needs by removing young chicks from their mothers to live in unnatural, noisy classroom environments from which they cannot escape. This barren, mechanistic, and de-contextualized classroom experience does nothing but abuse animals and damage children's compassion.

It’s time to stop schools giving classes on how to cause animal suffering. Support activist Carolina Debbie and stop schools from abusing helpless newborn animals!

What YOU Can Do:

1. Call the people below and ask them to replace their cruel hatching projects with humane alternatives. It is very important to keep your tone measured in order to have the best chance of helping these animals.

Dr. Valerie Pitts, Superintendent Corte Madera School District, (415) 927-6960, press 5

Liz Schott, Superintendent Kentfield Schools District, (415) 458-5130, press 9

Sally Peck, Principal, Anthony G. Bacich Elementary, 415-925-2220, press 2, then press 1

Patty Flynn Elliot, Principal, Neil Cummins Elementary, (415) 927-6965 (call after August 7)

2. Sign our alert to stop teachers at Neil Cummins and Anthony G. Bacich Elementary schools from hatching eggs and dumping baby chickens without any concern for their fates!



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