The Guardian Circle

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The Guardian Circle is a group of In Defense of Animals' most faithful and dedicated supporters who help defend animals with generous gifts of $500 or more annually.

Now, in honor of our beloved Founder, Dr. Elliot Katz, we want to celebrate and acknowledge his 85th birthday in May 2019. We invite new supporters to come forward and be recognized as our top animal rights investors, who we will gather together, with current generous supporters to form the "Guardian Circle."

We greatly appreciate our faithful Guardian Circle members who provide an exceptional level of support and investment each year to help animals thrive all over the world. In 2018, we received tremendous support from 344 individuals who kindly pledged $500 or more to support animals in need and further the momentum of our important mission.

wild mustangs

Wild Mustangs in Neveda still wild and free. Provide power to our protection with a generous gift today

Dr. Elliot Katz has, for many years, championed the special power of becoming an animal “Guardian” and its profound meaning for animals. He has passionately expressed how we should consider ourselves as guardians to the animal kingdom and that it is our duty to care for the animal world, as their guardians.

There are many special benefits to joining the Guardian Circle (see below).

How to Contribute to IDA's Important Work?

Joining the Guardian Circle is your first important step:

The following animal support levels are included in the Guardian Circle and we encourage you to join the good fight for animal rights:


BENEFITS of Joining the Guardian Circle:

Inquiries, comments, or questions?

Contact Michele Lyn Forsythe-Manso, Advancement Manager
(415) 448-0048 ext. 233


“Our first commitment is to the animals - and to you. We will always make sure the maximum amount of your hard-earned donations do the maximum amount of good for cast-off animals, in your honor.”
Marilyn Kroplick M.D.