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In Defense of Animals protects wild animals and the environment

Wild animals face cruel treatment and killing in wild and urban areas. Much precious habitat which is vital for wild animal survival has already been taken humans and we are accelarating our encroachment by extractive industries and dairy and meat ranchers who want the land for themselves which puts pressure on disappearing native species including rare Tule elk in Point Reyes. Hundreds of species including coyotes, birds, black bears, beavers, porcupines, river otters, mountain lions and wolves face additional threats such as hunting, trapping and fishing. Wild animals in urban areas such as raccoons and opossums face wanton cruelty for fun.

In Defense of Animals is mobilizing supporters to hold back the onslaught against wild animals. We are speaking out to counter the misinformation promulgated by those who profit from exploiting wild lands. We demand that federal agencies carry out their duty to protect and preserve wild animals and their habitats. Together with a coalition of animal welfare groups, conservationists, and environmentalists, we propose humane, science-based solutions that allow wild animals and humans to coexist.

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