Wild Animals and Habitats

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Elephant Protection

The welfare of elephants in zoos and circuses has become a controversial issue worldwide due to the great suffering and premature deaths of elephants caused by inadequate zoo conditions and life on the road. In Defense of Animals has become a leading voice for the plight of captive elephants, and works to improve the health and welfare of hundreds of elephants languishing across North America. In Defense of Animals also takes measures to help wild elephants by raising awareness about issues such as illegal poaching and the international export of wild elephants.



Animals around the world suffer to be turned into cruel furs and skins. In Defense of Animals educated the public to expose fur as an environmentally damaging and cruel product that is always the result of animal suffering.

Habitats Advocacy

In Defense of Animals is a voice for urban wildlife, such as deer and geese, by educating about and promoting immunocontraception and other nonlethal ways that human and animal methods for populations can coexist control. We also speak up for wild animals, whose lives and families are being destroyed through trophy hunting promoted by organizations prominently including the Safari Club International, and other forms of recreational hunting.

Horse Protection

Every year, thousands of wild horses are ripped from their native land in terrifying roundups, corralled in holding pens for life, adopted out, or sold to questionable buyers. Many are sent to slaughter. These roundups are sanctioned by the U.S. government under a law passed in 1972 to “protect” populations of wild free-roaming horses and burros. Yet, the interests of cattle and sheep farmers, backed by political power, have stripped most of the horses’ protections and have drastically reduced their natural habitat. In Defense of Animals has helped to cancel a roundup of hundreds of wild horses, protected pregnant wild mares from cruel and invasive experiments, and has saved other stallions from being sent to slaughter. In Defense of Animals is also proud to be an original member of a coalition of over fifty horse-advocacy organizations working to ensure the wild horse a home on the Western range.



In Defense of Animals stands against the murderous hunting business that claims the lives of 200 million animals each year, in the US alone. We expose the false claims of conservation, management and sport that hunting advocates cling to, and work to end the persecution of wild animals.