Stop Brutal Mass Killing of Sea Lions by Lethal Injection!

Stop Brutal Mass Killing of Sea Lions by Lethal Injection!

For decades, sea lions of the Columbia River have been relentlessly targeted and harassed. Now, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho’s wildlife agencies have applied for permits to kill sea lions by the hundreds. Please take urgent action to stop the mass killing of sea lions! 

Wildlife agencies are ruthlessly scapegoating sea lions for the decline of native salmon and steelhead fish populations, despite the fact that harmful human activities are the main factor in their decreasing numbers. This is not a new tactic for wildlife management agencies in this region. Sea lions in salmon spawning areas of the Columbia River have been rounded up and forcibly branded with hot irons. In 2008, six suffered and died from heat stroke after being caught and then left behind in an unattended trap.

In reality, sea lions eat less than five percent of the Columbia River’s salmonids, while hydroelectric dams which block their migration pathways kill 30-35 percent. Fishing is also a major threat to salmon populations in this area.

If the agencies’ permits are granted, the states will be permitted to trap sea lions in metal cages to administer lethal injections.

What YOU Can Do

We’ve still got time to stop to stop the mass killing of sea lions and to take on the powerful industries and corporations from scapegoating and exterminating sea lions in the name of conserving salmon.

1) Don’t contribute to the problem by eating salmon or other fish. All animals want to keep their lives, just as we do. Download our free Veg Starter Guide 

2) Follow the instructions below to submit your comment urging the National Marine Fisheries Service to reject the permit requests no later than Tuesday, October 29, and then please make sure to tell us you’ve taken action. Please note that unfortunately comments will ONLY be accepted and counted by the National Marine Fisheries Service via its web submit form.

Step 1: Copy our letter below. 

As one of 250,000 supporters of the California-based international animal protection nonprofit organization In Defense of Animals, I respectfully urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to reject the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s applications for authorization to kill sea lions in the Columbia River.

The agencies claim that this killing is intended to reduce sea lion predation on endangered salmonids and protect the fish from further decline. However, irresponsible human activities are the primary factor in their decline. Hydroelectric dams that block migration pathways kill 30-35 percent of salmonids passing through the Columbia River, while sea lions consume less than five percent. Overfishing and water pollution are also important factors.

Until these underlying problems are resolved, the River’s threatened fish species will continue to suffer and their survival will be jeopardized. Killing off sea lions is not the answer to declining salmon populations. Action must be taken against the powerful industries which cause and profit from these problems but ultimately do little to resolve complex conservation issues.

Approving the agencies’ applications would be signing a death warrant for hundreds of animals who have committed no crime other than foraging for food, as they have always done.

I urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to reject these applications and promote humane conservation solutions which ensure the survival and prosperity of salmonids, sea lions, and the rest of our nation's wildlife.

Step 2: Go to the National Marine Fisheries Service webpage and click “Comment Now!” in the upper right hand corner. You will be redirected to a form where you can insert our letter.  

Step 3: Fill out your personal information, paste our letter directly into the comments section on the form, and click the "Continue" and “Submit” buttons.

Step 4: Please complete our simple form on this blog to let us know you took action! Thank you.

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