Constant Care in the Blind Dog Ward

Constant Care in the Blind Dog Ward

Our Blind Dog Ward gives many dogs the comfortable life they would have missed out on if they had not been taken in from the busy streets of Mumbai. These lucky dogs receive all of the love and care they need, including routine examinations from our experienced veterinarian to ensure they are in tip-top shape!

Many of the dogs in the Blind Dog Ward of IDA India’s Deonar Centre are senior dogs and experience skin problems when the weather is very hot. These skin issues, combined with the sweltering heat, can cause them to be quite uncomfortable. To help ease the dogs’ discomfort, Dr. Shashikant carefully examines each of the dogs’ coats in search of problem areas on a weekly basis. The doctor treats the dogs in the comfort of the blind ward and in their beloved sensory garden where they enjoy countless hours of playtime and naps.

Thanks to your support, we are able to give these dogs the care they deserve which allows them to live healthy lives filled with fun and love.

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