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Real Environmentalists Don't Eat Meat (women's dark green)

Another great IDA light-weight women's t-shirt in a cool spruce dark green color as easy on the eyes as the wearer. Step out and educate others about the true connection between veganism and environmental action by purchasing this shirt and save animals at the same time.
$ 21.00

Front features black crest, “Real environmentalists don’t eat meat”, Back crest reads, “According to the United Nations, animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all the automobiles in the world. Go vegan!”. IDA logo and website also printed on back.



Sizing Chart

Women’s Small measures 14″ across laying flat.
Women’s Large measures 16″ across laying flat.

Shirt color is the color of inset picture of the back of the shirt. The picture of the front of the shirt is of the light green variety.

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