Make Helping Elephants Your New Year’s Resolution

January 3rd, 2014 by Nicole Meyer


Resolve to Take Action for Elephants in 2014!

IDA’s Elephant Protection Campaign is jumping into the New Year with new and improved ways for you to help elephants in captivity.

Join IDA’s Elephant Task Force

We’re hitting the ground running in 2014 with the launch of our revamped Elephant Task Force. It’s an exciting opportunity to get active in helping us help elephants. As a task force member, you will become an important part of a network of advocates across North America with a shared dedication to end the suffering of elephants held in zoos, circuses, and in other parts of the entertainment industry.

It’s easy to sign up and it’s easy to take action. Efforts can be as simple as letting us know if a circus we’re keeping an eye on is headed to your area, writing to your local paper, or they might require more legwork, such as monitoring elephants at your local zoo and in nearby circuses or fairs, or helping IDA organize demonstrations.

Make advocating for elephants your 2014 New Year’s Resolution. Join IDA’s Elephant Task Force today!

Hot Off the Press! New IDA Circus Leaflets Are Now Available for 2014

IDA knows that informative and well-designed leaflets are key in educating the public about the suffering animals endure in circuses. We’ve been working hard to develop new leaflets that do just that, and we’re proud of the result: bold graphics, updated suggestions on how to get active, and clear reasons—presented in both Spanish and English—not to attend a circus that uses animals. Leaflets are available at no charge (contributions are welcome to defray costs) to help you get the word out. Click here to download or order IDA’s leaflets for your upcoming demo.

For more information on how you can take action to help captive elephants, visit IDA’s What You Can Do page.