Another 31 Animals are Spayed & Neutered at Hope Animal Sanctuary!

Another 31 Animals are Spayed & Neutered at Hope Animal Sanctuary!

Thanks to Mississippi State University’s (MSU) student surgery team, Hope Animal Sanctuary was able to spay/neuter 4 cats and 27 dogs this week.  Deedra and Bryce Booker brought the dogs they’re fostering for us , Cindy Shaw brought the dogs Debbie Young is caring for, Arlin Arco brought the Winona Animal Shelter dogs we could fit on the list and there were 6 others, besides a few at the sanctuary.  It’s fantastic when so many people pitch in on surgery day.  Mike Martin came up just to help.  It was a long drive for him.  He and Lisa are devoted and appreciated volunteers.

Phoenicia and her pups were spayed yesterday.  They were abandoned in Montgomery County, Mississippi.  Little Bit too was found abandoned on the road.  Ronnie and Raymond were discovered with their 4 sisters on HWY 82.  The wonderful thing is the people who found them were willing to bring them in to IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary. IDA has done what we came to Mississippi to do – set up an oasis of hope for animals in one of the poorest states in the country.

My friend Theresa alerted me to a Wyatte, Miss. case of a 86 year-old man who lives in a gutted school bus.  John is a squatter who’s really fortunate that the man who owns the property feels compassion for him.  Theresa helps him and has helped the hoard of dogs he kept.  You may remember we took 19 pups our first 2 visits.  Sadly many of the pups suffered from distemper and didn’t make it.

Monday evening Theresa brought John’s remaining 3 female adults to be spayed. I was absolutely heartsick to think they would go back. They were covered in ticks and their feces was disgusting and parasite ridden.  We made a deal Theresa could take Daisy back but she would see that she gets all the preventive medicines she needs. Daisy is fond of John and sleeps with him in the school bus.

I was relieved that we would keep Iris and Rosie and Theresa would insure that Daisy was cared for. That was a deal I could live with. Iris and Rosie loved sleeping in with the sanctuary’s other dogs last night. They think this new life is pretty cool.

A huge thanks to MSU’s Dr. Busby and his team.  Without their help we wouldn’t be able to help all the animals we rescue and care for.

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