Campaign to Protect Rock Creek Park Deer Continues!

Campaign to Protect Rock Creek Park Deer Continues!

On March 14, a federal judge ruled against our lawsuit to save the Rock Creek Park deer.

The judge was ruling only on the legality of the process by which the National Park Service (NPS) made its decision to kill the deer in Rock Creek Park, not whether such a decision was necessary, moral, or wise. The killing plan is none of those things.

Killing is not necessary. The deer in Rock Creek Park are not starving. There are better ways to protect native plants than by killing native wildlife. We should control the exotic vines in the park first.

Killing is not moral. The Park Service could use reproductive controls on the deer, humanely reducing their numbers through birth control darts, rather than rifles and arrows.

Killing is not wise, nor scientific. It must be repeated year after year, sometimes for decades. Killing will not resolve the issue, but immuno-contraception will. It addresses the actual problem – reproduction, and has successfully inhibited fertility in 80 species of mammals.

With all the problems our nation faces, should our taxpayer dollars be spent killing native animals in a national park?

We need your support now more than ever. Please take a few minutes to share our petition to save the Rock Creek Park deer via email, Facebook, and Twitter. The NPS works for the American people – and needs to hear from your friends, family, and colleagues that the American people do not want the deer killed in Rock Creek Park. There’s a more effective, humane way to control deer numbers–with contraception. By signing the petition, you are supporting the use of science and compassion over brute force.

Tell the NPS that we want deer protected in Rock Creek Park, our national park in our nation’s capital!


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