Addiction to Animal Products Can Be Overcome

Addiction to Animal Products Can Be Overcome

Last week, we live-streamed our second installment of a 12-step cooking series that supports you in your quest to lose weight, reverse chronic illness, and beat food addiction while adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Vegan Cooking & Food Psychology is part of the Carnivores Anonymous initiative and features In Defense of Animals President, Dr. Marilyn Kroplick and vegan wellness coach extraordinaire, Chef Kathleen Kastner.

In this episode Dr. Marilyn shares her thoughts on Step Two, food addiction, and your higher power.

In the second step of the 12-step recovery model, we choose to believe that a power exists greater than ourselves that could fully restore us.

Last month, we explained the first step, when we admitted to some degree of powerlessness. For some, it's over not being able to stop so much of the abuse that happens to animals, for others it's their own powerlessness when offered animal products. Step One unveiled the problem while Step Two provides a solution.

Step Two asks us to turn to a higher power of some sort greater than ourselves. We are not required to adopt a specific higher power interpretation or representation such as a religion, church, or worldview. We are empowered to craft our own personal concept of higher power - whatever we believe in that gives us faith that we are not completely alone as we undertake this journey.

In taking Step Two, we see the insanity of the continued consumption of animal products. Insanity has been called doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. For example, after years of craving meat, dairy, and processed foods, weight is gained, and there's a return to dieting and craving… again and again. When we eat animal products, we become sicker and more dissociated from nature and the animal world. Through surrender, little by little, we break through denial, remorse, and fatigue, and our courage and spiritual honesty grow.

After years, or even decades of being imprisoned by addiction cycles, imagine a life renewed - no more unhealthy animal products, no more cravings, and the reversal of chronic disease. As we nurture our trust in our own version of higher power, self-confidence builds and optimism flows.

Try a delicious no-tuna salad today, courtesy of co-host Kathleen Kastner. For more tips, watch the replay of Vegan Cooking & Food Psychology, episode 2, where Dr. Marilyn introduces Step Two of the 12-step process.