Learn About The Power of Confidence & How To Make “No-Tuna” Salad

Learn About The Power of Confidence & How To Make “No-Tuna” Salad

Join in our next live episode of Vegan Cooking & Food Psychology with Chef Kathleen and Dr. Marilyn on February 22 at 6 pm PT. This month, Dr. Marilyn will be discussing Step 2 of the Carnivores Anonymous 12-Step program, which centers on confidence.

The second step is about having confidence that there exists a power greater than addiction. Carnivores Anonymous members meet regularly and support each other in overcoming their addiction to animal products and junk food, while losing weight, gaining health and saving animals by eating a healthy yet delicious plant-based diet.

To join or start a group near you, please sign up at While Dr. Marilyn is discussing the step of Confidence, Chef Kathleen will be making delicious vegan, soy-free “No-Tuna” Salad. This fish-free salad can be whipped up in 10 minutes and makes a great sandwich, wrap or even a “No-Tuna” melt! Follow our Facebook event page to get the link when we go live!

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