Defeating Pain with Mindfulness

Defeating Pain with Mindfulness

When practical know-how combines with the insights of an experienced therapist who has dealt with the challenges of food addiction herself, the result is fascinating. In Defense of Animals’ Dr. Marilyn Kroplick, partners with chef Kathleen Kastner in our Carnivores Anonymous Vegan Cooking & Food Psychology show to bring you healthy, delicious recipes from Kathleen to nourish your body alongside hearty, satisfying tips from Marilyn to nourish your soul.

Carnivores Anonymous was formed to help you in your personal journey to achieve your diet and lifestyle goals. For many of us, the hardest part of going vegetarian or vegan is overcoming our own resistance, not figuring out what to eat or where to shop. By following the steps in our program, you gradually gain a greater knowledge of your patterns and values, and you learn how to make your actions fit your vision of your ideal life.

In this episode, Dr. Marilyn shared a technique you can use to overcome temptation: its three parts are intention, recognition, and mindfulness. When we set clear intentions, we can recognize challenging emotions that arise when we’re tempted to ditch those goals for the short-term comfort of sticking with our old ways. When we're mindfully aware of the pain we're experiencing, we can take a deep breath and see it for what it is: nothing but a fleeting and impermanent sensation. We know it will pass, and we will be stronger the next time we have a tough choice to make.

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