First Carnivores Anonymous Meeting A Big Success!

First Carnivores Anonymous Meeting A Big Success!

We held our inaugural Carnivores Anonymous meeting on Monday, July 24 in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. Carnivores Anonymous is a 12 Step program that empowers the local community to save animals, maintain optimum health, lose weight, reverse chronic illness, and tackle food addiction through plant-based eating.


The group followed the standard format of a 12 Step meeting, we began by stating our first names, accepting that we are all recovering carnivores and sharing a little about ourselves. We learned that we were all at different places in our journey, with some having been vegan for years, others new to plant-based eating, and some still eating animal products. All were accepted with open arms into our group. After reading through the 12 steps, we were invited to share what we were currently experiencing in our journey.


One person expressed the anger she felt at those who continue to consume animals products. She attends slaughterhouse vigils and struggles to maintain her composure when she receives patronizing responses to being vegan. Another recovering carnivore discussed how challenging it was for him to overcome his addiction to eating meat, as he grew up on a farm and was taught that a complete meal must always include meat. Our featured guest speaker for the meeting kindly agreed to be filmed as she shared her journey with us, you can hear her story here.


Whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or somewhere in-between, we invite you to join us as we move through our plant-based journeys together. Please sign up at to keep current on upcoming Carnivores Anonymous meetings and events. We hope to see you soon!

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