Share Your Vegan Story and Delicious Vegan Cookies

Share Your Vegan Story and Delicious Vegan Cookies

During this holiday season of giving, we encourage you to share mouth-watering vegan food with your family and friends! Join In Defense of Animals President Dr. Marilyn and Chef Kathleen for our final episode of Vegan Cooking and Food Psychology, where they discuss step 12 and share vegan powdered sugar snowballs. Watch our show and then share this tasty treat!

Step 12 is sharing. We carry the message to others by sharing the story of our recovery from the indoctrination of eating animals and animal products by, bringing hope and knowledge to people considering a plant-based lifestyle. Through our experience, we become part of the movement that is changing the way we eat from eating to survive, to eating to live and thrive.

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Watch our previous episode when we connected with our sense of purpose while making easy vegan pumpkin pie. 

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