Join Packy’s Herd!

Join Packy’s Herd!

Your support of our 10 Ten Worst Tanks List has just brought about a ban on imports and performances of captive dolphins and whales in Vancouver, Canada. The evidence presented in our Ten Worst Tanks List was also cited as the justification for closing Dolphin Discovery at Six Flags in Mexico. These are whales of victories that couldn't have happened without you. However, there is an elephant sized battle rumble that we also, urgently, call on you to answer -to join Packy's herd!

Sadly, Packy is dead. He was KILLED after the Oregon Zoo said he was unsuccessfully treated for tuberculosis (TB), a condition he lived with since 2013, while showing no signs of suffering! The Zoo itself was shamed just last year on our list as the 5th Worst Zoo in North America, and  was even quoted as saying Packy was, "showing no signs of pain...he is active, playful, and engaged."

After all the profits made off Packy, the Oregon Zoo owed him hospice and care, NOT death!

As you saw with the 10 Worst Tanks List victories, your support is making a huge difference. And while it feels good, we can't rest; because Packy and other animals are still dying in zoos. There was Marius, a young giraffe who was killed in Denmark, Holland because he didn't fit into the zoo's breeding program there. This same zoo also killed lions, including cubs. So abhorrent was the "zoothanasia" plan for Packy, that one of his keepers and a zoo employee set up a Facebook page to protest it. Please don't let his story fade away. Lock arms with us now as part of Packy's herd.

Act now, and your donation today in any amount will help —

... Make more on-site investigations possible at zoos and tanks where animals are kept in tragic conditions, including solitary confinement!

... Cover the high cost of accessing agency records on these animals, that document troubling health and behavioral issues.

... Defend these sentient beings from commercialized exploitation under the guise of "conservation."

... And advocate for tough laws like the captive dolphin bans and to protect elephants and other animals in the wild, the only place they truly belong, and the only place conservation can occur.

We fought so hard to save Packy. In the end, the Oregon Zoo turned a deaf ear, and it sickens us more than we can ever express. But it is not too late to avenge Packy's death and save other animals from being killed.

Please hear every elephant's rumble to battle. Answer this cry, and give what you can now.

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