National Aquarium's CEO Plans to Relocate Captive Dolphins

National Aquarium's CEO Plans to Relocate Captive Dolphins

“Our empathy inspired us, but our compassion called us to act. If we can do just one thing to improve their lives, even just a little, we know it’s the right thing to do.”
- John Racanelli, CEO National Aquarium

In 2016, Baltimore's National Aquarium announced its plans to shutter its captive dolphin exhibit and to relocate the dolphins to an ocean sanctuary by the 2020s. As no other facility has yet to announce such plans, National Aquarium is leading the charge on an important initiative.

In October 2018 on the TEDx stage, John Racanelli shared his journey starting as a young scuba diver at a marine park in San Francisco to becoming the CEO of National Aquarium. He recalls swimming with dolphins in California and feeling a mix of emotions, both “elation” and “sadness about the limits that we humans have placed on their lives.” Those swims were integral to the decision he made almost 30 years later, to initiate plans to move seven dolphins from the National Aquarium to a sanctuary, and in doing so, taking a huge step in the right direction for animals.  

John Racanelli openly discusses his team’s plans to safely transition the dolphins to life in a sanctuary, such as adjusting tank water temperatures and introducing new and applicable stimuli. Although Racanelli is aware of the challenges his team and the dolphins will face once they are relocated, he seems to welcome the challenges ahead to do what is right. For this, we applaud the National Aquarium.

The National Aquarium was given an honorable mention on our Ten Worst Tanks for Dolphins and Whales list for its commitment to retiring the dolphins in its care. We recommend other facilities follow its lead and join what John Racanelli calls a “powerful new movement to change the way we humans interact with the animals for whom we share this planet.”

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