Puerto Aventuras: It’s Time For Dolphin Liberation!

Puerto Aventuras: It’s Time For Dolphin Liberation!

Dolphin Discovery is a notorious company that owns at least 24 captive dolphin facilities scattered across Mexico. Two of its facilities landed on our Ten Worst Tanks List last year: Six Flags in Mexico City landed at #6, and Puerto Aventuras in Quinta Roo at #3. Now, with Mexico City having just banned cetacean captivity, and with the subsequent pressure this ban puts on Six Flags to move out its dolphins, we need your help to train the spotlight on Puerto Aventuras so that it ends its dolphin programs for good as well!

The unfortunate dolphins who are forced to live at Puerto Aventuras, do so in water so polluted from feces, motor oil, and petrol, that children participating in the dolphin swim-with program are asked to avoid getting water in their mouths. In Defense of Animals observed very serious-looking wounds and other injuries on several dolphins, including abrasions on their faces likely caused from chronic pushing against enclosure barriers, which is a stereotypic, stress-related behavior observed in captivity. One of the dolphins also appeared to have a severe injury and infection on the tail, which is especially troubling given the challenges of healing in water of such suspect quality.

It is time to shut down this disgrace of a facility and move the dolphins out. 

What YOU Can Do

Please call and write to Dolphin Discovery and ask for its captives at Puerto Aventuras to be sent to sanctuaries! 

1) Call 1-866-393-5158

Press * for English (if required), and 1 for the salespeople. Please be polite as these are simply the salespeople, not the executives or corporate decision makers.

Sample Script: Hello, I’m calling because I’m deeply concerned about the wellbeing of the dolphins at the Riviera May facility. They deserve to be moved to a seaside sanctuary where they aren’t forced to perform or live in small enclosures. I realize there’s not much you can do about this, but I encourage you to tell your supervisors about my call and ask them to take action. Thank you. 

2) Then personalize and send our letter by email by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.



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