SeaWorld Feeling the Heat of Animal Rights Campaigns

SeaWorld Feeling the Heat of Animal Rights Campaigns

AAA Northeast has announced it will stop promoting tickets to SeaWorld! You helped secure this victory, the latest in a series supporting the ultimate goal of stopping the cetacean captivity industry from exploiting dolphins and whales. Our work to end dolphin and whale suffering is just getting started.

AAA Northeast’s decision brings the total number of travel companies that have severed promotional ties with SeaWorld to thirteen. This list includes British Airways, which announced its decision within days of AAA.

Over the last two years, In Defense of Animals supporters have sent thousands of emails to AAA National to request that all clubs cease promotions of SeaWorld and Marineland, another cetacean exploitation business located in Canada. If you haven’t already done so, please sign our SeaWorld alert today!

The travel company announcements aren’t the only things making SeaWorld feel the heat these days. The company recently faced a new wave of criticism after a photo, which depicts how the size of its orca tanks are much smaller than the parking area and a lake at their park, went viral. Additionally, a recent report exposed SeaWorld’s dolphins living in crowded conditions, to the point of becoming aggressive and inflicting wounds on each other. Another study was recently published which discusses the undeniable harm captivity causes orcas. 

After decades of public outcry to end cetacean captivity, there is some indication that SeaWorld is shifting toward non-animal attractions. SeaWorld doesn’t appear to have any publicized plans for new animal exhibits; by contrast, the company has expanded cruelty-free attractions like thrill rides and summer festivals. Shamu branding is also being removed from some park attractions and replaced with a Sesame Street theme. 

Despite these new changes, SeaWorld hasn’t yet committed to phasing out all cetacean captivity (having agreed to phase out orca captivity only), and there are important exceptions to its trend away from animal attractions. For instance, SeaWorld San Antonio more than doubled the size of its dolphin exhibit in 2016. 

We will remain vigilant as we continue to campaign against SeaWorld. The corporation should stop its exploitation of cetaceans and release all of the incarcerated individuals at their parks to seaside sanctuaries, where they can experience some of the freedom that is denied them. 

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