This Dolphin Pool Should Not Be Built!

This Dolphin Pool Should Not Be Built!

Imagine spending your whole life in one concrete, barren room - forced to perform the same mundane tricks over and over.

Imagine being artificially inseminated, against your will, then having your child taken from you permanently, or watching them die before your eyes.

Imagine it happening again, and again, and again… and they have the gall to call it “conservation” and “education”? NO way!

You are being lied to about the real lives of captive cetaceans – whales, porpoises, and dolphins – and about a new dolphin facility that is now trying to open in Mississippi.

Most people are never told how terribly cetaceans suffer in captivity. A single facility like the Mississippi Aquarium, currently being built in Gulfport, MS, can and will kill many dolphins over its years of operation.

Staff from the International Marine Trainers Association – the organization likely to certify the Mississippi Aquarium – have been spotted in Taiji, Japan’s infamous “Cove,” selecting live dolphins from the hideous slaughter there. Taiji is the home of the annual bloody dolphin ‘drive-hunt’ where hundreds of dolphins and other small cetaceans are driven to shore and stabbed to death, a process that can take many agonizing hours. The survivors have seen their families murdered before their eyes, and it is these poor creatures who are sold into captivity in the name of “conservation.”

…and it gets worse.

The new CEO of the Mississippi Aquarium is none other than David Kimmel, former chief executive of the Georgia Aquarium, one of In Defense of Animals’ Ten Worst Tanks. Many cetaceans have endured suffering and death at the Georgia Aquarium.

Now Kimmel wants to abuse more dolphins for profit in the city of Gulfport, Mississippi. We MUST turn the tide before this facility opens its doors!

Dolphins are dying in the saddest ways. They will continue to die unless we act. Please, give generously to fund our fight against the Mississippi Aquarium and the captive cetacean trade.

These are life-and-death hours, requiring staff funding and travel and lobbying expenses, and the reason we are calling on you to take immediate action today!

The dolphins WILL suffer and die without us. The tiny tanks, the endless circling, the artificial inseminations year after year.

Please help us make sure no dolphin ever lives or dies at the Mississippi Aquarium and shut down captive cetacean exhibits forever.

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