Unfathomable Risk for Dolphins!

Unfathomable Risk for Dolphins!

Every day commercial aquariums and dolphin exhibits such as SeaWorld make obscene amounts of money through the exploitation of dolphins and other marine mammals. Countless dollars continue to pour into their corporate pockets while 6 in 10 U.S. dolphins born into captivity die before their first birthday. Now seventeen million dollars of payout money from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill has been allocated by the governor of Mississippi to build yet another aquarium, including plans to open a captive dolphin exhibit at a time when other facilities are closing these killing chambers down.

Plans are already in place to arrange four bottlenose dolphins be shipped to Gulfport Mississippi as early as 2019! If we do nothing; four captive dolphins denied any choice will endure a tragically short lifetime of performing tricks and stunts for paying customers day after day until they sicken and mercifully die at ages dramatically younger than their wild brothers and sisters.

But we can make a difference! We can stop it!

In Defense of Animals has submitted legislation that would outlaw the use of dolphins in Gulfport for any reason and contacted legal experts to see what other legal avenues are available. Plans are in motion to host events on the ground to truly educate people, and to grow a nationwide coalition of concerned citizens who oppose these cruel, concrete tanks. It is worthwhile, effective, and lifesaving work with a real chance to shut down the proposal. But it requires resources we don’t currently have.  

So we turn to you.

These beautiful, intelligent dolphins face certain hell in the Mississippi Aquarium’s proposed exhibit and they need us now.

They need us to care not only about them, but for all the dolphins in captivity, shutting down impossibly tiny tanks of torture worldwide and preventing new ones from opening.

Your donation of as little as $25 or $35 now speaks up for captive marine life and helps save the doomed Gulfport dolphins.

Please give today. Time is so short!

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