Vancouver Park Board Needs To Hear From You – Again!

Vancouver Park Board Needs To Hear From You – Again!

Important update - on May 15, the Vancouver Parks Board voted to ban cetacean captivity! Thank you for all your calls and emails to the Board supporting cetacean freedom!


The Vancouver Aquarium suffered a major defeat on March 9 when the Vancouver Parks Board voted unanimously to draft an amendment that will prohibit the display and importation of cetaceans within Vancouver parks. The commissioners acknowledged the incredible amount of support that people had sent in. Your voice was definitely heard!

But the commissioners need to hear from you again. They are currently preparing the new by-law and it will be subject to another round of hearings around May 15th. Support for this vital amendment must continue in order for it to survive. Emails that congratulate the commissioners for making the right decision, and continuing to do so, are key right now.

This is a critical juncture – please email the Vancouver Park Board commissioners today, and ask your family and friends to do so as well!

Send comments to: OR

Individual commissioners can be emailed in the following format:  

You can find all of the individual commissioners here.


If you'd like to send postcards or notes of support in the mail, here's the physical address: 

Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation

2099 Beach Ave 

Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4



Finally, if you have not yet submitted our alert, which will email all the commissioners at once with a pre-written message, please do so here.


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