Protect All Cats, Especially the Most Vulnerable

Protect All Cats, Especially the Most Vulnerable

Protect All Cats, Especially the Most Vulnerable

There seems to be a lot of awful news lately about animal abuse, specifically with cats being the recipients of some of the most horrible acts of cruelty.

The cases are horrific; a cat found dead in Maryland next to a sign reading, “The cats must go,”
a trio in Mississippi who poured boiling water on a cat in a live trap which killed him and a family’s beloved companion in Utah who was tortured to death with hot glue. The list goes on.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that the cases are being taken seriously and where there’s been an arrest, the vile perpetrators who have committed these heinous acts against the most vulnerable and voiceless are being prosecuted.

These cat killings have reignited a debate about cats living outdoors and trap-neuter-return programs. Some, including some so-called animal welfare groups, have used these cases to plead that companion cats not be allowed outside and that semi-social or feral community cats be rounded up and killed to prevent such atrocities from happening. Punishing cats rather than people who commit crimes against them is unfair and ineffective.

While we couldn’t agree more that companion animal cats should be kept indoors at all times, community cats don’t have that option. There are millions of community cats living happy and healthy lives outdoors. Trap-neuter-return programs keep these cats from reproducing out of control and foster community involvement in the cats’ wellbeing. Rounding them up and killing them is what has previously been done in the US for the last 50 years with the only result being the premature deaths of millions of unadoptable, but otherwise completely healthy animals who love and value their lives as much as you or I do.

We must work to protect ALL cats, especially the most vulnerable and prosecute those who seek to harm animals.