Protect NY Cats from Cruel Mutilations!

Protect NY Cats from Cruel Mutilations!

Your Chance to Protect New York Cats from Cruel Mutilations!

Two landmark twin bills making their way through the New York state legislature seek to make New York the first state to ban the hideous act of declawing of cats, unless deemed medically necessary. These bills are long overdue and need your urgent support.

Declawing cats involves the surgical removal of each of the cat’s toes back to the first knuckle. The surgery is one of the most painful routinely performed surgeries in all of veterinary medicine. It’s also one of the most unnecessary.

The procedure is often used to try and stop a cat’s natural behavior, like scratching of furniture, but almost always leads to more behavioral problems, like litter box avoidance and biting. These behaviors often leave declawed cats dumped at shelters where they are often killed because they are considered unadoptable.

Declawed cats also face a host of health issues after declawing, including chronic pain in the paws, joint stiffness, and arthritis. This pain can also manifest itself in behavioral problems as well.

Protect cats from this unnecessary and painful cruelty. Please contact your state senator and your state assemblymember and ask them to support these important and overdue twin pieces of legislation.

What YOU Can Do

Please call and email your state legislators asking them to support A595 in the state assembly and companion bill S3376 in the State Senate to protect New York’s cats.

1) Make a call to your state senator and your state assemblymember. If you don't know who they are or you don't have their contact information, you can find them here:

When you call, you can simply say, "Declawing is a horrendously torturous and barbaric procedure and should be abolished immediately! Please support bills A595 and S3376.”

2) Submit our letter supporting bills A595 and S3376 which will go to your state senator and your state assemblymember.

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