41 Puppies Saved from Dog Meat Death!

41 Puppies Saved from Dog Meat Death!

In South Korea, where some consider dogs to be food, any dogs who aren’t safe in loving homes may become victims of the country’s brutal dog meat trade.

It’s believed by some that the more pain and suffering a dog experiences, the more it will enhance the flavor of their meat and its health benefits. 

Common ways to kill dogs include hanging them and beating them to death, boiling them alive, and bleeding them out. Electrocution is believed to be the most common method.

Shelters filled almost entirely with puppies might seem like a dream come true for anyone looking to adopt. But in South Korea it’s an ominous sign of the dog meat trade. 

Sadly, many puppies find themselves dumped at these shelters after their mothers are killed for their meat. They’re commonly very sick, with parvo, distemper and parasites, and aren’t spayed or neutered.

We have rescued 41 puppies from this gruesome fate! They are now forever safe from the threat of being killed for meat. But many are deathly sick.

Your support will provide urgent medical care.

Devastatingly, we were unable to save two puppies. We urgently need your support to rescue even more puppies in South Korea’s dog meat death shelters, and to care for those we saved! 

A rescue of this magnitude takes a lot of time and resources. We must heal all the puppies who are so sick.

Please make a donation to In Defense of Animals today, and give urgent medical care to sick puppies.

Our work is never easy, but it is always worth it. 

We won’t stop until we see an end to the horrific dog meat trade, but we desperately need support from people like you. 

You can give these faces a different future. Make a generous contribution to In Defense of Animals today and help with one of our most ambitious rescue projects yet.

In Defense of Animals is involved in many projects to protect animals’ rights, welfare, and habitats. Money contributed to In Defense of Animals supports ALL of our worthy programs and gives us the flexibility to respond to emerging needs. Thank you for your support and consideration.