Saved from Slaughter, Judy's Story will Inspire Us All!

Saved from Slaughter, Judy's Story will Inspire Us All!

Judy spent six sad months of her life on a farm crammed into a tiny, filthy cage with no loving-kindness as she awaited slaughter. Fortunately, she was rescued by In Defense of Animals and our Korean dog rescue partner Jindo Love before she could end up on a plate. But Judy’s story doesn’t end with her rescue. In fact, that was just the first step in a long journey to find her forever home.

Please watch Judy’s heart-breaking (and heart-warming) journey now, and consider making a generous contribution to save even more lives today.

Even though Judy's  journey has ended with a joyous adoption, there are thousands of dogs in South Korea in horrible situations just  like Judy was who still need to be rescued. Your continued support is vital to our lifesaving rescue work and on-the-ground education to make systemic change and end the dog and cat meat trade.

It can actually cost as much as $2,000 to rescue a single dog from the meat industry in Asia. That cost includes rescue, emergency medical care, transportation and travel, foster care, and rigorous adoption screening in order to find the special loving homes needed for these neglected, abused, and forgotten souls.

You make it possible for this work to continue. A gift today of $500 can cover the full medical cost of one rescued dog from the Asian meat trade. A monthly gift of $30 for one year can cover all the transportation costs of a rescue dog's travels from South Korea to a new home. But even a gift of $15 has a direct impact and helps save the lives of dogs like Judy.

Our actual costs for the entire project end up being over $200,000 annually, for which our generous supporters and activists have raised $82,000 to date. We still have a large shortfall and we urgently need to raise $118,000 before the new year. This funding is necessary to cover our costs, for us to carry this important campaign into the future, and to realize our goals of saving these special dogs. Please, would you thoughtfully consider IDA in your end-of-year giving?

Each rescue takes so much. But saving these beautiful, intelligent animals—who have spent their lives crammed into small cages, subjected to repeated breeding and deprived of adequate food and water, and who have been beaten and abused—must be done. We will continue our commitment to these animals, and to you, and will not quit until the dog and cat meat trade ends.

Help us today and make a donation, ensuring we can continue our lifesaving rescue work and education around the dog meat trade, or sponsor an adoption for a dog slated for slaughter. Please be as generous as you can.