Hope Extinguished for Zimbabwe's Elephants

Hope Extinguished for Zimbabwe's Elephants

Animal advocates around the world raised a cheer following a surprising announcement that Zimbabwe would no longer tear young elephants from their mothers and export them to zoos. Multiple news outlets reported the news and stated that other species would also receive similar protections under the new rules. Sadly, this was not to be the case.

The celebrations were unfortunately short-lived since President Mnangagwa has now denied any change in Zimbabwe's brutal policy of sending wild animals to stock zoos around the world. More than one hundred elephant calves have been shipped to China since 2012, with thirty-one rounded up and sent to zoos there in December 2017. 

Recent video footage of the brutality suffered by baby elephants during capture shocked the world. Zimbabwe's national parks continue to suffer without any government funding, and the animals who live in the parks are subjected to the predations of Safari Club International and other trophy hunters who take pleasure in killing elephants and other animals. Trophy hunters extort the parks system by paying for permits to satisfy their sick blood-lust.

For now, there is no mercy or respite for Zimbabwe's traumatized elephants from their relentless persecution by trophy hunters and the zoo industry. Zimbabwe is at a crossroads: Will nature loving tourists leave and spend their money elsewhere while trophy hunters stay and pay to kill?  Read more here.



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