Register Now For The "Free the Elephants International Conference"

Register Now For The "Free the Elephants International Conference"

Please join Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants, In Defense of Animals, and a myriad of other leaders in elephant emancipation for this international conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference will run from April 27 to April 29 and will have speakers including our very own Dr. Toni Frohoff, Steven Wise from the Non Human Rights Project, Catherine Doyle from PAWS, Sangita Iyer from the breakthrough film, Gods In Shackles, and more.

The event will showcase and highlight speakers and panelists who work on the front lines of elephant welfare, protection, and rescue, while addressing the current status of captive elephants, elephant advocacy, and successful campaign strategies that include direct action, community involvement, media, government relations, and the law .

There will be opportunities to network and form coalitions and alliances with elephant advocates and organizations. Help yourself to a glass of wine (or several) with friends both long-held and new.

Media will also be a big part of the conference, with a photo display by a well-known and respected wildlife photographer and screenings of several films, including a premiere of Tyke Elephant Outlaw and Unchained.

A "Where Do We Go From Here?" panel discussion will take place that will allow you to actively engage with your activist peers in creating a comprehensive, strategic plan and timeline for ending the world-wide captivity of elephants.

For more information or to sign up for early and discounted registration, go to the Free the Elephants website or Facebook page.


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