Selling Baby Elephants is a Conservation Scam

Selling Baby Elephants is a Conservation Scam

Thirty-five infant and juvenile elephants have been torn from their mothers and families in Zimbabwe and are now in transit to zoos in China. As for the profit from these stolen lives? It will go to fund sham conservation.

Sham conservation claims made by Zimbabwe’s Minister of Environment, Water, and Climate, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri do nothing to absolve yet another mass baby elephant kidnapping to restock elephant populations in zoos.

Although these elephants are on route to China, zoos in the United States bear a great deal of responsibility for wild elephant kidnapping tragedies. Young African elephants are regularly imported to U.S. zoos. Captive animal industries attempt to justify the unjustifiable confinement of wild animals, and purposely mislead the public with “conservation” claims. Meanwhile zoo and aquarium captivity leads to the deaths of the very animals these facilities claim to protect. 

The corrupted narrative of conservation enables zoos to dress up the business of exploiting animals as a noble cause, with the ultimate goal of increasing ticket sales by making zoo guests comfortable with cruel animal imprisonment.

This latest heartbreaking situation in Zimbabwe highlights how wild animals, many thousands across the world, are being imprisoned or killed under the misleading guise of conservation.

We urge zoos everywhere to drop the conservation con and stop perpetuating violence to wild animals.

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