Urgent - Maine Residents! Ban Cruel Elephant Performances!

Urgent - Maine Residents! Ban Cruel Elephant Performances!

Urgent - Maine Residents! Ban Cruel Elephant Performances! 

Important! We're so close to banning elephant performances in Maine!

Bill LD396 is currently under active consideration in the Maine legislature right now, and if it is passed, elephants will be prohibited from being brought into the state for performances. Contact your state Senator and Representative today and ask them to help elephants trapped in traveling circuses and shows.

Elephants suffer severely when forced into trucks, enduring long trips in close confinement as they are made to go from town to town and city to city for months at a time. They are stressed physically and psychologically in ways unique to traveling shows. When they arrive at the next performance site, they are paraded into convention centers and other buildings that lack anything natural to an elephant. As they are dragged from one location to another, specialized veterinary care and animal welfare inspections are all but absent. Temporary structures, if any, protect neither elephants nor people. These elephants are socially isolated from their own kind and are made to endure crowds of shouting people who learn nothing about their physical needs and their deep physiological and emotional lives.

At present, the Shriners groups are some of the most prolific elephant exploiters in Maine. Though we do not support it, this legislation makes an exception to allow any company that fundraises at the elephants’ expense (i.e. Shriners) to continue until January 1, 2020.

Traveling circuses and shows are a tragedy from the past that is fading. We are moving forward as a society to recognize that elephants belong in Africa and Asia. We hope for these abused elephants that they can be given a place in an accredited sanctuary where they can live as close to normal social and physically active lives as possible. Even the Hamid Circus, often hired by the Shriners, has stated its sees its future as being without elephants. You can make that elephant dream come true.

Contact your state legislators today and help elephants suffering in traveling shows and performances!

1. Call your state Senator and Representative in the Maine legislature and say, "As a constituent, I strongly urge you to support bill LD396 and protect elephants from cruel travelling performances."

If you don't know who your Maine state legislators are, click on this link and choose the state tab:

2. Submit the letter (Maine resident only) by completing the form on this page which will go to your state Senator and Representative in the Maine legislature to urge their support for this important bill for elephants in the State of Maine.


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