VIDEO: Pittsburgh Zoo's Sad Elephant Enclosure

VIDEO: Pittsburgh Zoo's Sad Elephant Enclosure

Pittsburgh Zoo and its International Conservation Center (ICC) earned the #1 spot on our 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants list in 2019. Our investigator found a number of troubling issues in the enclosure of the Zoo. Elephants paced around their tiny enclosure for hours, pressing their trunks against a series of small holes in the wall that were the only visible water sources in that confined area. Dogs were observed within close proximity to the elephants, despite a previous USDA citation highlighting the possible "undue stress" caused by the dogs and their aggressive behavior toward the elephants at the direction of Zoo staff. Peeling paint was photographed on the enclosure's bars.


Making matters worse, the Pittsburgh Zoo apparently has no qualms about breaking up elephants who have been together for decades. Social bonds are extremely important for the health and wellbeing of this highly social species.

The Pittsburgh Zoo should close down its cruel exhibit and elephant breeding center and send all its elephants to accredited, warm-weather sanctuaries.

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