Why is This Elephant All Alone?

Why is This Elephant All Alone?

46-year-old female Asian elephant Shaunzi was transferred from the Fresno Chaffee to the Los Angeles Zoo on June 27, 2017, following the death of her only friend and long-time elephant companion, Kara. Shaunzi has been stuck in mostly solitary confinement at the Los Angeles Zoo for over a year now, with nothing much else to do than mourn the loss of her companion. Watch this video and help us get Shaunzi sent to a sanctuary immediately.

Shaunzi was born in Thailand in 1971 and is apparently still “owned” by Fresno Chaffee Zoo. When In Defense of Animals last observed Shaunzi at the LA Zoo in May, she was still isolated from the other elephants although she’s been at the zoo for over a year. It is understandable that introduction to a new elephant group can take time, but poor Shaunzi has been alone for too long.

Shaunzi’s mostly solitary existence and the loss of her only companion, combined with her curious and unusual behavior, is deeply concerning to IDA's Elephant Scientist, Dr. Toni Frohoff, who filmed this video.

Shaunzi cannot hope to deal with the grief of her longtime companion while being confined by herself. The Los Angeles Zoo keeps other elephants captive, so why has Shaunzi not yet been integrated with them? It is inexcusable to keep Shaunzi so tragically alone for so long.

In Defense of Animals is urgently calling for Shaunzi to be sent to a certified elephant sanctuary where she can have a healthier social and physical environment. Please share this video using the hashtag #FreeShaunzi, and help poor Shaunzi go to a sanctuary where she belongs!

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