WATCH: Respect for Fish Day Activists Gather Ghost Gear!

WATCH: Respect for Fish Day Activists Gather Ghost Gear!

In observance of Respect for Fish Day on August 1, activists with In Defense of Animals gathered abandoned or lost “ghost” fishing gear that injures and kills fish and other unsuspecting animals in the nation’s waterways. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who took part locally to address this global issue! Respect for Fish Day activists diligently cleared shorelines of dangerous fishing lines and hooks to prevent more ghost gear fatalities.

Watch this video of Respect for Fish Day activists collecting bags of ghost gear from the waters of Lake Balboa.


Our activists at Lake Balboa were shocked by the vast quantities of ghost gear along the shore of this popular park in Los Angeles County. We found bags of ghost gear in the “fly fishing zone,” where dozens of water birds regularly congregate near a drain with flowing water. Volunteers pulled long fishing lines from the muck, many with two or three hooks attached. Onlookers cheered as a kayaker hand-delivered a discarded fishing line he found floating on the lake’s surface!

Thanks to participants across the country who gathered ghost gear at local waterways and tagged us! You can continue to save fish, turtles, and ducks from deadly ghost gear all year long by choosing not to eat fish, enjoying harm-free nature activities, gathering ghost gear, distributing our ghost gear fact sheet, and signing our alerts

Together, we’re co-creating a more compassionate world for fish! 

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