6 Million Pounds of Poop! It’s a Cruel Environmental Nightmare

6 Million Pounds of Poop! It’s a Cruel Environmental Nightmare

Each and every cow raised on a feedlot can excrete anywhere from 60 to 110 pounds of poop each and every day! Multiply that by 100,000 cows on just a single feedlot, and you’ve got yourself 6 MILLION pounds of poo to deal with every single day — all of it teaming with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides that each individual has unnaturally been injected with or forced to eat.

Where does it all go?

While traditionally a source of fertilizer, the massive scale of today’s feedlots means there is far too much poop accumulating for the meat industry to process, so farmers pipe it into huge open sewers and give these sewers the pleasant yet woefully misleading name of “lagoons.” These “lagoons” not only foul the air with toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide, but they also overflow, contaminating precious groundwater and adjacent water bodies, in addition to poisoning and killing native fish.

Tascosa Feed Yard, Texas.

With over eight billion animals raised and slaughtered on today's factory farms each year in the United States alone, waste is not only a severe and rarely addressed environmental concern, it’s a major public health hazard.

These factory farms also create ocean dead zones. In the summer of 2017, the lifeless zone in the Gulf of Mexico finally broke 7,992 square miles in area, making it one of the fastest expanding yet. Currently, there are over 405 dead zones in the oceans around the world, covering 94,600 square miles.

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