6 Mobile Apps to Help You Shop, Travel, and Eat Out Vegan

6 Mobile Apps to Help You Shop, Travel, and Eat Out Vegan

We’ve selected six apps based on their quality, user reviews, and overall reliability as a source of support for both new and seasoned vegans whether you’re travelling, searching for recipes, or eating out!

Happy Cow — find vegan eats close to home or wherever you are traveling in the world!

Veganagogo — order vegan meals in over 50 languages. A must for frequent travelers! (iOS only)


Cronometer — helps keep track of your daily nutrient intakes, health metrics, and more!

Gonutss — find vegan alternatives for your favorite dishes, recipes and ingredients!


Vegaholic — makes it super easy to look up your favorite drink, so you can have a cruelty-free hangover in no time! (iOS only)


VeganXpress — helps you discover vegan options at your favorite chain restaurants! (iOS only)

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