Dairy Is the New Tobacco

Dairy Is the New Tobacco

If you opened a newspaper 60 years ago, chances are you would see a plethora of ads telling you that smoking is “recommended by doctors.” For many people at the time, this messaging was all the reassurance they needed to continue the life-threatening habit.

It’s hard not to cringe when we look back on these ads, but it’s important that we do because it is a critical reminder that health recommendations can be bought, and that it is still happening today.

One such industry that has ruthlessly paid for school and government health recommendations is the dairy industry. As stated by Dieticians for Professional Integrity, “Federal nutrition guidelines on dairy have been largely influenced by dairy industry lobbying and industry-funded research which at often times trumped objective science.”

This is a huge problem, especially as extensive independent studies show that dairy has very little to do with bone health, while others have discovered far more concerning correlations between dairy intake and increased ovarian cancer among women, and prostate cancer among men.

We mustn’t let history repeat itself. It’s time to stop lining the pockets of the dairy industry at the expense of our health, the environment, and animal welfare.

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