Demand False Lashes No One Has to Die For!

Demand False Lashes No One Has to Die For!

Velour Lashes, a company which used to exclusively sell mink fur eyelashes has released a brand-new range of vegan alternatives. This is significant step toward the future for animals wish to see - a future where farming, harming and slaughtering animals has become obsolete. Let’s encourage Velour Lashes to continue down this path and commit to a full transition to fur-free products!

In a previous alert, we challenged Velour Lashes for misleading its consumers with false marketing claims including “free range mink farms” and “cruelty-free fur.” Thanks to your collective actions, the company has now removed the majority of these claims and decided to research, develop and launch two new vegan product lines -- a positive outcome for animals!

Please join us in encouraging Velour Lashes to commit further and ditch fur for good!


What You Can Do

1) Choose compassion for all animals who are farmed for their fur, flesh and byproducts by transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Try it for one month this January. You can begin at any time! Register here:

2) Write a comment on Velour Lashes Facebook page.

Example: @velourlashes I love your new Luxe Faux Mink range! When will your company become 100% fur-free?

3) Send our letter encouraging the founders of Velour Lashes to commit further by ditching fur for good!



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