Februdairy Campaign Horribly Backfires — Highlights Animal Cruelty

Februdairy Campaign Horribly Backfires — Highlights Animal Cruelty

In retaliation for Veganuary, a popular 30-day vegan challenge, the dairy industry has launched “Februdairy” to promote dairy products. Here’s how that horribly backfired…

If you search #Februdairy on Twitter right now, you will see numerous posts like these:


Because the cold truth about the dairy industry is out, and no amount of word spin can counter the facts.

Cows will only produce milk after enduring nine long months of pregnancy. After giving birth, her baby is taken away from her almost immediately to be slaughtered or used so that her milk can be pumped and sold.

Mother cows are known to bellow and cry out for many days after this separation, longing for their babies to be returned. This constant cycle of forced impregnation continues year after year until her milk production declines as she ages. At that point, she too is sent to the slaughterhouse after her many years of suffering.

Surely, we can agree that these creatures and their babies, the forgotten “waste products" of the dairy industry, deserve better. It’s time to ditch dairy for good!
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