Ask IHOP for Cruelty Free Menu Options!

Ask IHOP for Cruelty Free Menu Options!

Calling all pancake lovers! Would you like to see 1,700 IHOP restaurants entice millions of people to try delicious food that saves animals? If yes, the perfect time to speak up is now with IHOP’s National Pancake Day rapidly approaching on Tuesday, March 12.

IHOP is known around the world for its classic breakfast dishes, and it could easily attract a brand-new customer-base by creating vegan versions of its most popular meals, starting with its namesake dish - pancakes!

Whether or not you choose to eat at IHOP yourself, every time a large chain restaurant decides to offer vegan options, it spares millions of animals from being exploited and killed for food. Moreover, it has the potential to create a powerful and positive shift in our culture by showing people that they can eat delicious versions of the foods they love without harming animals!

With a rapidly growing number of people choosing plant-based diets for ethical, environmental, and health reasons, it’s the perfect time for IHOP to expand its menu to include vegan options!

What You Can Do

Please join us in calling on IHOP to add vegan pancakes to its menu in time for National Pancake Day!

1. Write a comment on IHOP’s Facebook page.

Example: @IHOP will you flip vegan pancakes on the menu in time for National Pancake Day?

2. Submit our letter to IHOP’s CEO, Head of Communications, Public Relations, Chief Marketing Officer, and Executive Chef, by filling out the form on this page.

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