MEDIA RELEASE: Viral Canadian YouTuber Drops Dairy Truth Bomb in Ontario

MEDIA RELEASE: Viral Canadian YouTuber Drops Dairy Truth Bomb in Ontario


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ONTARIO, CANADA (July 9, 2018) - Viral Canadian YouTuber Erin Janus is making a splash with a huge billboard in Ontario urging residents to watch her eye-opening viral video exposing the dairy industry.

The eye-catching ad is located on Upper Middle Road, Burlington, close to where Ontario-born Erin Janus formerly lived behind a slaughterhouse. The YouTube star witnessed terrible suffering there which led her to adopt a vegan diet and inspired her to produce a series of viral videos exposing animal suffering.

“I created the Dairy is Scary video because the public absolutely has to know the truth,” said YouTuber and campaign spokesperson, Erin Janus. “Most people have no idea that modern animal farming is full of cruelty. The common practices of the dairy industry are scary for anyone who cares about animals.”

Erin’s most famous video, Dairy is Scary, has gone viral across the internet with over 4.8 million views, and sees her expose common dairy industry practices of forcibly impregnating cows, stealing their babies, and turning them into veal and hamburgers long before their 25-year natural lifespan. In just five minutes, she also reveals the scary financial influence of big dairy on the Canadian and U.S. education systems and the health risks of dairy consumption.

Janus finishes her video by calling on people to "Try any milk but dairy milk." Her video directs viewers to enjoy the health benefits of dairy-free by taking the 21-day dairy-free challenge.

“I encourage everyone in Ontario to watch my video, Dairy is Scary, and take the 21-day Dairy Free Challenge,” urges Janus.

Watch the video and try the 21-Day Dairy-Free challenge at


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Burlington is the latest city to host a “Dairy is Scary” ad, as part of a huge campaign that has already seen 60 billboards dropped on Los Angeles by U.S. nonprofit, In Defense of Animals. The latest in Burlington is funded by The Save Movement.

The Save Movement is a worldwide network of groups bearing witness to farmed animals, advocating veganism, & promoting love-based grassroots activism. Dozens of animal advocates regularly gather outside Burlington’s slaughterhouses to provide water for desperate, distressed animals, and to bear witness to their suffering. The vigils are organized by Toronto Pig Save which founded the Animal Save movement and has over 400 Save chapters around the world.

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization with over 250,000 supporters and a 30-year history of fighting for animals, people and the environment through education, campaigns, and hands-on rescue facilities in India, Africa, and rural Mississippi.

IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS • 3010 KERNER BLVD. • SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901 • 415-448-0048


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