Millions Could Die: WHO Urges Animal Farmers to Stop Using Antibiotics

Millions Could Die: WHO Urges Animal Farmers to Stop Using Antibiotics

The World Health Organization is urging farmers to stop pumping farmed animals with antibiotics stating that it’s a major cause of drug-resistant diseases in people. While antibiotics may increase farmers’ profits, these persistent low doses are causing the development of dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria which are spreading like wild-fire from farms, slaughterhouses, workers and transportation trucks.

One of the key reasons that farmers routinely feed or inject antibiotics into animals is to force fast growth. The second major reason is to prevent pre-slaughter death in overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions.

The World Health Organization stated that antibiotics could be reduced with improved hygiene; however, a gestation crate where a pregnant mother pig cannot move or turn around and is forced to defecate where she stands can only be made so “hygienic.”

“Approximately 80% of total consumption of medically important antibiotics is in the animal sector, largely for growth promotion,” stated the organization in a recent press release.

The reality is that the entire system of today’s factory farms is an ideal breeding ground for the spread of disease which cannot function without preventative antibiotics and the consequential rise of resistant bacteria.

Until we as a society acknowledge this, and do something about it by moving towards a plant based diet, this problem will continue to persist.

By learning how to reduce and eliminate animal products from our diets, we can stand against this extremely unethical and destructive industry. To learn more, download our free Veg Starter Guide today.

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