Millions of People Are Ditching Dairy This Easter!

Millions of People Are Ditching Dairy This Easter!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this video by Erin Janus is taking the internet by storm, inspiring millions of people to ditch dairy across the globe, right before Easter.

Consumers are saying NO to the slaughter of baby calves and the exploitation of their mothers' reproductive systems, and YES to compassionate dairy-free swaps.

The good news is, it’s now easier than ever to celebrate Easter deliciously dairy-free!

Here is an impressive round up of dairy-free chocolate Easter bunnies (and eggs, and chicks, and truffles!) compliments of Alisa Fleming, author of, who has been building and expanding this guide over the period of a decade. It includes more than TWENTY chocolatiers in America alone!

See Alisa’s roundup for America & Canada here and Australia and Europe here.

Seriously, there are some amazing dairy-free Easter chocolates out there. But don’t take our word for it, consider this a research assignment! ;)

P.S. Did you know that ditching dairy can help your energy levels soar?
This is because milk products are naturally high in the amino acid tryptophan, which promotes tiredness. Dairy is also harder to process than other types of food, requiring more energy and slowing down your digestive system. Going dairy-free, you’ll notice an increase in energy and focus, contributing to your overall sense of wellbeing. And who doesn’t like that?!

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