Save Chickens Who Survived Tornado From Being Heartlessly Bulldozed

Save Chickens Who Survived Tornado From Being Heartlessly Bulldozed

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

When a tornado struck in Georgia two weeks ago, damaging multiple major chicken factory farms, rescuers were given a small window to save the lives of chickens who survived, before being sent away. Instead of giving them the opportunity to save more, witnesses report that factory farms decided to bulldoze live animals who remained in the wreckage. Tell the Murray County Sheriff's Department to investigate and stop further bulldozing until all the animals are saved!

At one location, a worker stated that he had already bulldozed 100,000 birds. Afterwards, rescuers were allowed to take a large group of chickens who survived the tornado. But when they returned, everything had been leveled.

While it's too late to help those chickens, there may still be thousands more lives to save at a second location. Rescuers have been unable to access the property to see if any of the chickens are still alive.

Any birds who survived deserve to be saved. Rescuers are ready to help, but they're being thwarted by the chickens producers and the Murray County Sheriff's Department, which is refusing to get involved because, according to them, these sentient, suffering beings are mere "livestock." However indifferent they may personally feel toward animal victims of the food industry, cruelty to "livestock" is illegal under Georgia law. Per the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the public is specifically encouraged to call the Sheriff's Department to intervene when they believe animals, including chickens, are being unnecessarily harmed.

Any birds who survived the tornado have been left for two full weeks to suffer, and deserve to be saved from a horrifying fate of being callously bulldozed like trash or left to die from exposure. Rescuers are waiting to save them, but they urgently need back-up from law enforcement to intervene.

Concerned locals approached the farm and farmer to offer assistance to survivors, as well as document the horrific conditions of the chickens. Despite the farmer engaging them in conversation and never asking them to leave the property, six advocates have now been charged with trespassing. Please call on the Sheriff's office to dismiss those charges as baseless and investigate the reported cruelty instead.

Please join In Defense of Animals and local rescuers in calling on Sheriff Gary Langford and the Murray County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the horrific deaths of these chickens, drop charges against rescuers and assist them in saving any surviving chickens.

This alert is no longer active, but here for reference. Animals still need your help.

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